Friday, 29 July 2016

Aboriginal Studies Term1


This term we have have had an amazing time discovering and consolidating our learning about Aboriginal Culture.
Below are some of the activities and learning that culminated in our open night presentation of the learning opportunities we have had throughout the grades.

Year 1   Dot Painting symbols with sand 

Honey Ants!

Witchetty Grub!

Kangaroo Paw prints!

Our year 4 students preparing their materials and ideas for creating their Humpy.

Year 6 students silhouette art preparation and design creation.

In our class discussions, our year 6 students discussed the life stories of  Indigenous children their age and realised their dreams are as wonderful and ambitious as our own. 

Year six created Australian sunset silhouettes for our open night, and enhanced our skills of colour blending and the concept of negative space and sharp outlines to form definition in their artwork.
Our Year 4 classes created dioramas of traditional Aboriginal shelters.

Our year 3 classes explored the traditions and importance of the designs on boomerangs and their uses as weapons as well as its importance in ceremonies.

Our year 2 classes studied the importance of Dreamtime and read the "Rainbow serpent ". We watched many different versions from different regional tribes within Australia.

Our Year 6 students worked in groups to create posters of inspiring Aboriginal people who have helped us to realise the importance of spirit and determination to achieve our personal goals.

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